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What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a legal agreement designed to let visitors to your website know what personal information you gather about them, how you use this information and how you keep it safe.

What is the Purpose of a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy asks employees and third parties to adhere to the requirements and procedures outlined in the policy for the proper handling of personal information as set forth by the organization.

A privacy policy helps with the continued development of privacy practices within the organization and helps to communicate privacy to stakeholders.

It helps to bring awareness to all employees of the relevant laws and regulations which must be followed in order to maintain adequate data privacy, guiding employees towards compliance. 

What's the difference between a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

The purpose of a Privacy Policy is to inform users about the collection and use of personal data through a website.

However, the Terms of Service of a website is a legal agreement that sets out the terms of use relating to that particular website.

What’s the Difference Between a Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice?

While these two are often used interchangeably it’s important to know the difference between them and to understand within your organization that they are not the same.

The most important difference between a Privacy Policy and a Privacy Notice is the aim to which each document is directed.

The term Privacy Policy should only be used to indicate an internal-facing document used to guide employees’ and vendors’ data processing procedures.

The externally facing Privacy Notice should always be directed to the visitors of your organization’s website to describe the organization’s data handling practices as they relate to applicable standards and regulations.