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What are Cookies?

"Cookies" are simply small packets of data. They're sent to a device when someone visits a website, and they're stored in the user's browser.

Essentially, cookies store data that allows websites to "remember" users. For example, they might contain someone's username.

When Do Cookies Expire?

How long it takes for cookies to expire depends on whether they're a "session" cookie or "persistent" cookie.

*Session cookies disappear, or expire, once the user closes the website and ends the session.

*Persistent cookies "persist" as long as they're reasonably necessary.

When are Some Cookies Necessary?

If our website won't work without using a certain cookie, then it's what's called a "necessary" cookie. In other words, it's essential for the website's functionality.

These cookies normally expire at the end of the session (in other words, they're "session" cookies, which we'll cover below).