Why become our affiliate?

Instant payment

Special gifts

High satisfaction

Advance discount


1 Create an account

Log in to the affiliate interface and follow all the steps to create your free affiliate account.

2 Achieve sales

Generate affiliate links or codes with extra discount and share them with your friends while tracking the number of sales generated.

3 Earn commission

For each sale made through your link or discount code, you receive 15% commission on the price of the product for each sale.

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Why should I join the Affiliate Program?

Because it’s free to join and gives you the opportunity to earn money from doing what you love most - talking about clothing brands!

We provide you with all the links, banners, buttons and pictures that you’ll need. We take care of everything else: fulfilment, customer service and tracking the sales.

How is my commission calculated and paid to me?

Our affiliate app automatically calculates your commissions and arranges payment to you on a monthly basis in your preferred currency.

You can check the commissions you’ve earned anytime in your account.